Medialister changelog

šŸŽ‰ Medialister Has Arrived (Almost)

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Tim is here šŸ¤—

One year of development to finally start the Medialister journey. It kicked off with a team of one person juggling ideas, designs, and visions with Alexander, the founder. To date, it has grown into a pack of six committed and principled human beings behind the new vision. Committed to delivering. Principled to build best-in-class products for the actual people behind every business.

Having been in the industry for quite a lot, we've seen how marketers struggle to make communication with media straightforward, doing much more than they could in an ideal world while managing their activities. We've seen how media managers do all one can to survive. We've seen how horribly products for these people are made, bringing not relief but hurdles. We want to make a turning point today. We've built not just a new product. We have rebuilt the entire team and the processes within. All so we can make the world of paid media less miserable for both sides.

Our promise to our users is to continue juggling to keep the pace and discover the best ideas to enable people to work with paid media efficiently.

ā¤ļø Thanks to Daniil, Rodion, Pavlo, Erkebulan, and Anastasiia for making it feasible!